We need to stop buying water from Nestle! Unfortunately, Nestle are the owners of multiple brands. This is how they cover up the human rights violations they’ve committed across the world. It would be too complicated to learn every Nestle owned brand.

Stop Buying Water From Nestle

At Rebbson, our primary goal is to help people use our water filters. Our next goal is to inform the public about tap and bottled water. One of our priorities is to get people to stop using Nestle.

Nestle have been caught multiple times with violating human rights across the world.

Infant Formula Scandal

In the 1990’s Nestle aggressively pushed their breastfeeding replacement in poor countries.

Nestle infant formula scandal
Nestle ad. Image via Unlatched.

Water sanitation was the first problem. The people Nestle intentionally targeted didn’t have access to clean drinking water. Nestle ignored this fact and sold them the formula anyway.

The next problem is that Nestle intentionally got mothers on the baby formula after while they were in hospital via free samples. Because they weren’t breastfeeding, they were no longer able to breastfeed. Nestle stopped providing the free samples and the mothers were forced to buy the baby formula.

Many children got sick and died because of Nestle’s thirst to make quick money. When Nestle were questioned about the mothers using their formula without safe water, Nestle responded that the mothers should buy Nestle water to use with the formula.

Nestle Use Child Slaves To Create Their Chocolate

Stop Buying Water From Nestle - child slaves

Most people love chocolate. In the documentary “The Dark Side Of Chocolate” you’ll watch Nestle purchase cocoa beans from plantations in the Ivory Coast that use child slaves, aged from 12 years old. These children are kidnapped from nearby countries, taken to the plantations and forced into labour.

Nestle love this practice and see free labour as a great way to increase profits. When they were asked about the human rights violations, they responded that “everyone does it”.

Source – ZME Science

Nestle Does Business With Dictators

Stop Buying Water From Nestle - robert mugabe dictator

Nestle are business partners with the wife of Robert Mugabe, Grace Mugabe. When they took power in Zimbabwe, they stole multiple farmlands from different farmers, creating their own “state run” farming empire. Nestle buys 1 million litres of stolen milk from Grace Mugabe each year.

Robert and Grace Mugabe’s illegitimate dictatorship has caused them to face international sanctions and boycott, one of the many reasons that caused their currency to go through rampant hyperinflation.

The deal helps Grace live a ridiculously lavish lifestyle, including owning 2 castles.

The first goal should be to stop buying water from Nestle. The next should be to learn Nestle owned brands so you can stop shopping with them. These brands are all owned by Nestle:

Image result for nestle owned brands

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