Better For Your Body

Instead Of Plastic healthy body

Stainless steel bottles are far easier to keep clean than re-usable plastic bottles. Plastic is a porous metal that will retain flavours and smells from previous drinks. Because plastic is porous, it makes plastic bottles a far greater health hazard than steel bottles. With plastic, there’s no way to prevent mould and bacteria from developing.

You need to be careful with stainless steel bottles because many companies manufacture their bottles in a way that isn’t safe for consumption. For example, some bottles have been found with toxic levels of lead in them.

Better For The Environment

Instead Of Plastic mediterranean

Stainless steel bottles can obviously be reused for longer periods of time than plastic bottles. This makes stainless steel bottles a more sustainable option for those looking to improve their impact on the environment.

More Durable

Instead Of Plastic steel bottle durable

Stainless steel water bottles are much more durable than other re-usable options, including glass and plastic. This is because steel is made of a few strong metals, making it difficult for it to become damaged.

Stainless steel can also perform passivation. This is whenthe steel regenerates itself after being scratched or minorly damaged.

They Keep Your Fluids The Intended Temperature

Instead Of Plastic cold water flask

There’s nothing worse than being out on a warm day and your plastic bottled water gets warm and the plastic seeps through into the water. Not only that, the water is warm. Warm, plastic water tastes disgusting!

With a steel water bottle, it’ll keep the fluids the intended temperature and you don’t need to worry about micro-particles of plastic getting into your drink.

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