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Whole house water filter systems are popular amongst our customers at Rebbson and throughout the Catalonia area. They’re popular because they produce high quality water throughout the whole home.

But did you know that Rebbson’s best whole house water filters are also more environmentally friendly to use than other water filtration systems?

What Is a Whole House Water Filter?

You’ve probably heard about Rebbson’s whole home water filters from a family member or friend.

A whole house water system filters all the water that enters your home via the point of entry for the water to the house. At Rebbson, we install these filters before the water reaches your heater, filtering both hot and cold water. Whenever you turn on the tap, hot or cold, filtered water will come through it. This includes your shower, dishwasher, washing machine and toilet.

As you might expect, a whole house water filter is a filtration system capable of filtering all the water that enters your house. These systems are also called Point Of Entry (POE) systems because they are usually installed before the water reaches your heater, thus filtering both the cold and the warm water. This means that every time you open a faucet, filtered water will come out of it. Actually, filtered water will be delivered to your shower, washing machine, and even your toilet.

Why You Need A Whole House Water Filter System In Barcelona

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One of the main reasons people turn to whole house water filtration systems in Barcelona is the poor quality of the water. The water here in Barcelona is heavily chlorinated and the old pipes carry trace metals, drugs and chemicals into your water supply.

Chlorine has been used for many decades to disinfect water at scale. Most people in Barcelona are so used to the taste of chlorinated water that drinking pure, healthy water tastes strange at first. Chlorine is a fantastic disinfectant and that’s why it’s used. It kills all the bacteria in the water. The question we need to ask is: “If it kills 100% of the bacteria, what is this chemical doing to my body?” All health experts can agree that ingesting large quantities over time is dangerous to your health.

Another reason to avoid chlorinated water is the destruction to your skin and hair. Your skin will dry out from using chlorinated water and your hair won’t be at its best. When you install a Rebbson whole house water filter, you won’t face the chlorine coming through the tap in Barcelona.

Do I Need a Whole House Water Filter In Barcelona?

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If you’re connected to the water supply in Barcelona, you know that the water could be better.

Here’s some reasons why you need a whole house water filter in Barcelona

  • Barcelona water is chlorinated. When you inhale the steam from chlorine, it destroys the cellular barriers surrounding your lungs.
  • Barcelona water contains trace metals from the pipes
  • Barcelona water contains trace amounts of drugs and other chemicals
  • Barcelona water has a bad taste and/or smell
  • Barcelona water sometimes has small pieces in it, or it’s cloudy

Even if your water doesn’t taste or smell bad, it still contains chlorine, trace amounts of metals and trace amounts of chemicals. This isn’t good to drink, and it isn’t good for your skin or hair.

How Does a Rebbson Whole Home Water Filter Work?

Your Rebbson whole home water filter will get connected to the main water line before your water heater. This is to ensure that all the water is entering the home will be filtered and it can still be heated.

Your water will first go through a sediment prefilter once it enters your filtration system. This will remove the largest particles in the water.

This filter also keeps the other filters functional for longer. This is why it’s more expensive to buy a cheap water filtration system, the inside filters need to be replaced all the time.

Next your water arrives to the activated carbon filter. This filter removes most of the contaminants through a process called adsorption. At this stage, most of the chlorine, sediment and volatile active compounds will be removed, along with the terrible smells and tastes from the tap water.

After exiting the carbon filter, your water goes through a copper, zinc and mineral filter. This will remove the rest of the contaminants in your water. After this, your water will go through a softener/descaler using ion-exchange technology. Rebbson use the best filtration technology on the market.

After the water softener/descaler, your water will go through the post-filter. This stage stops even the smallest of particles reaching your water. These holes are around 0.35 microns. Next your water will go through the UV filter, killing any of the remaining bacteria, microorganisms and viruses left in the water that may have gotten past the previous stages. Even the most contaminated water in Barcelona can be fixed with the UV filter.

How will I install my Whole House Water Filter?

Whole house water filtration systems in Barcelona can be installed by our team of professionals. The date, time and details can be discussed by booking a call.

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