O-zone (O3) is the triatomic form of Oxygen (O2), and gets formed by negative ions.

O-zone is the most active form of oxygen, capable of destroying viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, molds, spores and many other contaminants by oxidation in a few seconds. One of the advantages of ozone is its speed, because given its high reactivity, it acts almost instantaneously. Ozone is very unstable and immediately becomes oxygen when the negative ion reacts with a contaminant or pathogen, which always has a positive charge.

Ozone is 3,000 times more effective than chlorine in water disinfection, and much safer. In addition, unlike chlorine, a potent carcinogen, it has no toxicity, decomposing into oxygen and water once its work is done.

What Is O-Zone?

 On the other hand, some pathogens, such as Giardia, the parasite that produces the most infections worldwide, and crytosporidium are resistant to chlorine from tap water, but not to Ozone. In the water there are also substances from industrial pollution such as phenols that, when reacted with chlorine, form chlorophenols, harmful to health. However, ozone breaks down phenols and other highly toxic substances such as cyanides, which are also not eliminated by chlorine, into harmless compounds.

Some 3,000 cities worldwide use ozone in water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. In Monaco they have been using ozone for water treatment since 1860 and in Paris since 1903. Currently, Los Angeles has the world’s largest ozone generation system.

What Is O-Zone? Monaco uses o-zone to clean its water
Monaco uses o-zone to clean water rather than chlorine

In addition to causing death by oxidation of pathogenic microorganisms, ozone stimulates the immune system and blood circulation while oxygenating the body. It also improves brain function and memory, since the brain uses about 15% of the available oxygen.

Now, with a small investment, we can benefit in our own house from the effects of Ozone, thanks to a small device from Rebbson, which generates O-zone from the oxygen in the air.

In her books Dr. Clark urges Cancer patients to ozonize all their food to eliminate toxins and pathogens.

Washing vegetables in o-zone

Invisible to the naked eye, eggs from parasites stick to vegetables.

The usual practice of disinfecting vegetables in water with a few drops of bleach is incorrect because there are radioactive emissions in the bleach.

Ozone eliminates antibiotics from conventional non-organic meat. Ozone not only disinfects the surface but also penetrates food destroying all pathogens.

In her latest book The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, published in 2008 Dr. Clark recommends ozonating the affected breast in patients with breast cancer. Treatment Details

Ozonized Water

At the same time, Dr. Clark recommends that cancer patients drink at least a couple of glasses of ozonated water every day. It is advisable to drink the ozonized water on an empty stomach (for example, when getting up in the morning) and not eat food or nutritional supplements until 10 or 20 minutes later. Ozonized water cleanses and oxygenates the blood, while cleaning the digestive tract of pathogens and toxins. Therefore, we all benefit from daily drinking ozonated water.

For oxygen to reach the cells it is essential that the diet contains enough antioxidants. The best antioxidant supplements are vitamin C (I recommend the rose hip that is a source of organic vitamin C), and Krill oil, which in addition to antioxidants contains Omega-3 fats and phospholipids.

Ozonized water oxidizes metals, including mercury and the dangerous PCBs that are stored inside the body, making them more soluble in water, and therefore easier to remove.

IMPORTANT: Do not ozonize medications or nutritional supplements (vitamins, herbs …)

Ozone to detoxify FREON

Dr. Clark has detected Freon in all tumors of cancer patients. Any amount of freon, even the most insignificant, is extremely dangerous, since the body has no mechanism to detoxify this compound. Normally the body stores it in the parathyroid glands, thymus and other organs. To eliminate freon, it recommends drinking 1 to 3 glasses of ozonated water for two months.

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