Toyota Mirai runs on hydrogen and emits only water vapour

The Toyota “Mirai” means future in Japanese. It’s the first hydrogen vehicle by Toyota after 20 years of work. By October 2020, it’ll be available for purchase. Toyota will finally make hydrogen powered vehicles affordable for the public.

How It Works 

Toyota Mirai Runs On Hydrogen

The Mirai will combine hydrogen and oxygen across a catalyst, producing an electric current. When using this vehicle, the only byproduct will be water vapour. Once the hydrogen has been pumped into the vehicle, it’s stored in a carbon fiber fuel tank until it needs to be used.

The Mirai is a lot more fuel efficient than burning fossil fuels, getting around 300 miles per gallon of hydrogen.

While there’s already hydrogen cars in Japan, this will be the first mass produced hydrogen car available to the rest of the world. Priced at $57,500, it’s still out of reach for most people however when more people adapt to this technology, it’ll become cheaper.

Hopefully in 5 years time, hydrogen cars will be around $20,000 and within reach for most people. At Rebbson, we believe that if most people had the choice between hydrogen and fossil fuels and it was the same price, they’d choose the environmentally friendly option. That’s why we love our water filters. They’re the same price as bottled water yet it’s better for your body and better for the environment. Not only that, once your filter is paid off, your clean water will be significantly cheaper than bottled water!

Most of the people who want a hydrogen car simply won’t be close enough to a filling station to make it worthwhile. For now, it won’t be until more people demand hydrogen vehicles before we’re able to create a real change.

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