In this post, you’ll learn about The Impact Of Bottled Water On The Environment.

The world is going through a hundred bottles per minute on the largest plastic binge the world has ever seen. By 2021, the annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion. With more than half of these bottles not being recycled, this is an unsustainable crisis.

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At Rebbson, we’re doing our best to combat this catastrophe.

In 2016, more than 480 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold. If these bottles were lined up, they’d extend half way to the sun. Euromonitor (the company that monitors packaging trends) estimates that it’ll increase to 583 billion by 2021! This is more than half a trillion.

Although most plastic bottles are now recyclable, only 7% of the bottles bought in 2016 were recycled. These 93% of bottles are polluting our land, oceans and killing our wildlife. Once the bottles in the oceans reach a critical mass, wildlife will die at an unstoppable pace.

By 2050, estimates show that the ocean will contain more weight in plastic than fish, unless something changes, according to research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This means that the plastic is making its way into our food and water.

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Between 5m and 13m tonnes of plastic leaks into the world’s oceans each year to be ingested by sea birds, fish and other organisms, and by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish, according to research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Ghent University in Belgium conducted a study of seafood eaters. It showed that those who eat seafood ingest up to 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic each year. If plastic use continues growing with world population growth, this number is set to soar!

Source – The Guardian

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