When you get your water from the Barcelona water treatment plant, they’ve used chlorine to disinfect the water. Chlorine is used to cheaply disinfect your water from cholera, typhoid and other waterborne diseases. While chlorine is great for killing bacteria and other germs, it’s terrible for your body. Chlorine in your water has a number of negative health effects.

Chlorinated Water Side Effects

The public water utilities in Barcelona are carefully monitored, so you’re not likely to suffer significant short term side effects from the chlorine in drinking water. Over the long term, however, you’re going to start getting mild to severe diseases from chlorine exposure.

Along with the long term Dangers Of Chlorine In Your Water, you’ll notice the horrible smell and taste in Barcelona tap water. It’s unlikely to make you sick short term due to the low concentration, however people report dry skin and hair after showering or taking a bath in the chlorinated Barcelona water.

In extreme cases, people in Barcelona have reported itchy skin and hear, along with red burning eyes and difficulty breathing.

The Importance of Clean Water

Pure, clean water is the number 1 important thing to human health. It keeps our bodies working properly, allows us to absorb vital nutrients from food and it helps us eliminate toxins via urination.

Our bodies are made of approximately 60% water. This means it’s important to have a regular source of clean drinking water to stay healthy.

Adding chlorine to tap water has saved the lives of many people living in poverty and it’s considered one of the most significant public health achievements of the 1900’s. The reality is, the side effects of chlorine in drinking water don’t pose nearly as many short term health risks as the diseases they kill. In the long run, however, this chlorine is slowly killing you. If you don’t live in poverty, not having a water filter is unimaginable as a strategy for your long term health.

Thanks to companies like Rebbson, we now have the technology to remove this chlorine from your drinking water. It’s not just chlorine, there are over 313 known pollutants in your Barcelona drinking water.

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