You won’t die or get seriously sick from drinking the Barcelona tap water for a couple of weeks. For this reason, i’ts labelled as “safe” to drink.

The reality is, however, that it doesn’t smell or taste good due to contaminants in the water. These contaminants WILL lead to mild to severe health problems if consumed for a prolonged period of time.

Where does the tap water in Barcelona come from?

The tap water in Barcelona comes from the Ter and Llobregat rivers. Water coming from the Llobregat river in particular has a high percentage of salts and contaminants, so its treatment needs higher levels of disinfectants like chlorine to stop people getting sick.

Barcelona Tap Water ter river

Lots of pollution enters the water in both rivers from industries and farmland along the river. The water treatment centre in Barcelona aims to remove all of the pollutants and salt with osmosis, however they don’t do a great job. To combat this, they pour high levels of clorine to protect the water from contamination. The chlorine is the main reason for the bad smell and taste in Barcelona water.

Along with the bad smell and taste from the chlorine, it leads to mild to severe long term health problems.

Can I drink tap water in Barcelona?

Based on the water regulators and general consensus of the scientific community, yes. But if you want to be healthy long term for the future of your happiness and health, no. Not only does it taste and smell bad, it contains over 133 unwanted chemicals.

It’s like eating chocolate and soda while smoking cigarettes every day. Can you do it for a few weeks without any issues? Yes. But can you do it for a few years without issues? No. It’s the same for Barcelona water.

Unfiltered hard water from Barcelona water causes limescale and kidney stones, among several other health issues.

Hard water

Many people arrive to Barcelona from countries with better tap water and got bad stomachs and diarrhoea the first few months. However there is no scientific research on this but it’s possible that it’s a problem for people with sensitive stomachs.

Another potential issue for people drinking the tap water in Barcelona are local contaminants from pipe corrosion. This isn’t tested by the government and microplastics that have been found in over 80% of all tap water in Europe. Since Barcelona tap water is some of the worst in Europe, you can guarantee these microplastics are in Barcelona drinking water.

Barcelona Tap Water - microplastics

Aigues de Barcelona has even acknowledged themselves that there may be microplastics in the local tap water but they’re not how much. This is why it’s crucial to buy a Rebbson water filter to remove plastics from your Barcelona tap water.

Drinking Bottled Water In Barcelona As An Alternative?

Barcelona Tap Water - bottled water as an alternative

Many people in Barcelona choose bottled water as apposed to tap water for taste preference but his could actually be worse for your long term health. The only requirements for bottled water is that it meets the same health standards as tap water and as I’m sure you’re aware from this post, it’s not to a high standard.

The best alternative for safe drinking water is an affordable water filter from Rebbson. For just a few euros per month, you’ll receive better tasting water, save money, save plastic waste and get the highest quality hydrogenated water, straight from the tap.

Rebbson Machine

While bottled water tastes better, more people actually get sick from bottled water than tap water! In 2006, hundreds of people got sick from contaminated bottled water. The bottled water companies don’t want you to know this, but it’s a lot more common than you think.

Microplastics have been found in 93% of bottled water. Along with this, bottled water isn’t just bad for your body, it’s bad for the environment.

Barcelona Tap Water - the reality of bottled
The reality of drinking bottled water

Bottled water costs an average of €280 per year. Rebbson water is around the same and once your Rebbson water filter is paid off, you’ll get free, healthy water for the rest of your life.

To Summarize

  • Tap water in Barcelona could make you sick.
  • Avoid bottled water because it’s bad for the planet, your wallet and your health.
  • For better taste and to remove all possible contaminants, use a water filter from Rebbson.

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