What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits - What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen is the most abundant molecule in the universe and comes in the form of an colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. In 2007, a team in Japan discovered that hydrogen can act as an antioxidant to protect the body and brain from free radicals.

Hydrogen water is water with additional hydrogen molecules added to it. Water molecules are 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. There isn’t any hydrogen molecules that can be used by the body as the hydrogen in water is bound to the oxygen. Infusing water with additional hydrogen provides the body with benefits that regular water can’t.

Because the molecule hydrogen is so small, it’s able to penetrate into every organ and cell in the body. This helps it act as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, weight management supplement and anti-allergen. It does all this with no side effects!

Is Hydrogen Water Safe?

After eating food, our body produces litres of hydrogen every day. Since it’s produced by our body, we can safely assume that it’s safe to consume.

To be sure, thousands of clinical papers have validated the health benefits of hydrogen water. The studies show that hydrogen water benefits all organs in the body, including the skin.

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water reduces fatigue

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits - reducing fatigue

Hydrogen water is a remedy for allergies

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits - Allergies

Hydrogen water helps your cardiovascular & cerebrovascular health

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits - cardiovascular health

Hydrogen water helps to prevent cancer

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits cancer prevention

Hydrogen water improves the impact of diabetes

Image result for diabetes

Hydrogen water is an anti-inflammatory

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits - anti inflammation

Hydrogen water helps to prevent & reverse degenerative diseases

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits - degenerative disease

Hydrogen water has anti-aging properties

Hydrogen Water Health Benefits - anti aging

Hydrogen water helps you to stay at a healthy weight

Image result for healthy person

Hydrogen water improves your memory and cognitive abilities

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Molecular hydrogen is 88 times smaller than Vitamin C. This helps it cross the bloo-brain barrier with ease. Hydrogen can easily improve your health due to its effectiveness at targeting free radicals. This helps you prevent and help diseases such as anxiety, arthritis, cancer, depression, dermatitis, lupus and more.

Drinking hydrogen water effectively helps you stay healthy while feeling young. Thanks to Rebbson, everyone can afford hydrogen water. Hydrogen water will purify your tap water and help the health of your entire family. Hydrogen water is the richest water in antioxidants. Book your call today to have a hydrogen water filter installed in your home!

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