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To sleep well, you need to be at optimal health. Before specifically telling you about how to sleep better, you need to improve your overall health.

Get rid of artificial products, such as sweeteners and artificially colored food items. The chemicals included in these products may interfere with DNA and cause mutations in cells.

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Start eating fresh fruits and vegetables everyday, and drink fruit or herbal tea to clean out your organs. Go organic!

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Eat salmon, sardine or kippers at least once a week to intake omega-3 on constant basis. Omega-3 helps reduce chances of a heart attack or blood clotting. An alternative to this is eating linseed with meals.

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To help reduce radical damages to your body, start taking vitamins C, E, d-tocopheral with selenium, and beta carotene with lycopene at least once a day.

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There are several natural food substances that act as powerful tonics when used regularly, a couple of them are: – Garlic; Protects body from cancer and help rebuild cells in liver and brain. – Ginger; Anti-cancer agent, stimulates digestion, and settles upset stomach.

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Avoid taking iron as a supplement as high level of iron can cause cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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Stretch your body in opposite ways to routine and try to walk everyday for at least 10 minutes. Pick up any physical activity you like to do.

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Make more contact with nature and less contact with dramatic environments, such as sensational news.

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Volunteer yourself for charity work, it helps you reconnect and relax emotionally and physically. Also try some basic ritual practices, like taking steam baths, meditating etc.

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Also practice forgiveness and to let go. It helps reduce emotional complexity and ease your mind; it allows you to become a more patient person.

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There are some everyday contacts you need to be careful about. Such as, use microwave only to warm food, avoid midday sun to save yourself from UVA and UVB rays. Be careful when looking at tv or computer screen.

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Grow plants, they help absorb toxic gases from air.

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Filter your water. Add hydrogen for optimal benefits. The best place to get a hydrogen water filter is from Rebbson.

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Now you know how to improve your health, it’s time to specifically learn how to improve your sleep. Here’s the best tips from Rebbson to improve the quality of your sleep.

Value your sleep during the night and get more sunlight during the day. Because sleep deprivation directly deteriorates your mental and physical condition and slows down your work efficiency. Sunlight regulates your body’s biological clock, and help produce Melatonin, a hormone responsible of conditioning your body for sleep. And refrain from screen time before bed to avoid throwing off melatonin, resulting in sleepless nights

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Limit caffeine consumption to 6 to 8 hours before bedtime, try to create a slightly cold atmosphere around you, and separate sleeping place from all work-related activity. Because, one, caffeine is powerful nervous system stimulant, two, body needs to drop its temperature to go into sleep and warmer temperature makes the process difficult, and three, working in sleeping place creates stressful environment that hinders sleeping process.

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Best time-frame to go to sleep is between 10:00 pm and 02:00 am, because during this time body’s hormone secretion gets at optimal level for sleep. As for external stimulants, rub anti-stress minerals such as magnesium on your skin, or have orgasm before sleep to help relax your body.

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Work out regularly and lose excessive weight, because obesity causes lower sleep quality and longer sleep time that stresses organs which leads to various organ related disease. Moreover, Keep all your electronic devices away from sleeping place, because their electro magnetic rays can be very harmful for your brain.

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Do not drink before you go to sleep, because your body cannot go into deep sleep as a result. Also, sleeping either on sides or back and front come with their own trade-offs, so choose a sleeping position most comfortable for you.

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Get dressed for sleep, doing this regularly will become trigger for body to prepare for sleep. You can choose from many natural sedatives available, such as chamomile, kava kava, and valerian.

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Get up early, it will not only freshen you up for the day, but also put you in sync with earth’s circadian rhythm. Also put your feet on ground every now and then because earth’s electromagnetic field helps your body on cellular level. Sleeping on ground provide more benefits, lie down on grassy ground or beach. Get physically in touch with nature.

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Make strict routine to go to sleep, because your brain loves patterns and once it adopts to sleeping pattern, you will be able to sleep effortlessly and soundly.

To discuss the best water filtration for your needs, please book a demonstration here and one of our water experts will visit you.

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