Alex's Story

Alex’s Story

Hello, I’m Alex. Growing up I was taught to drink bottled water, because the tap water in Spain isn’t safe to drink because the water treatment company Aigües de Barcelona use chlorine to disinfect the water.

As I started to become more health conscious, I learned that bottled water I’d been taught to drink is also unsafe for consumption due to the micro-plastics that seep into the water.

I learned that drinking hydrogenated alkaline water is the best solution for yourself and your family. We’ve partnered with LG to create the best water systems on the market. We’ve got dozens of happy customers as you can see by our 44, 5 star Google reviews.

Alex's Story - 5 star reviews on Google

Make A Smart Decision Today

By working with Rebbson, you’re making a smart decision for the future health of yourself and your family. You’ll also be saving money and time spent on your water purchases. Drinking clean, alkaline, hydrogen water is an investment in yourself and your family.

Book a demonstration here and one of our experts will visit you with water machines to suit your needs.

Want to learn more about water in Barcelona/Catalonia? Below you can read our blog and become a water health expert.

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