In this blog post, you’ll learn about the 14 bottled water companies that got Bottles Recalled For E-Coli. You might want to think twice before buying bottled water. There’s many stages of the process that contamination can happen. With filtered Rebbson water, it’s much safer than bottled water.

Bottles Recalled For E-Coli

Before you drink bottled water again, look at the label. Niagara bottling company in Pennsylvania issued a voluntary recall of 14 bottled water brands due to E-Coli contamination, according to the company’s official statement!

This contamination is linked with one of the springs that they use. Niagra was notified that their water source was contaminated with E. Coli. There’s been no illnesses yet but they’ve done a voluntary recall of their latest bottles sold.

This recall includes these brands:

Big Y
Best Yet
Nature’s Place
Morning Fresh
Western Beef Blue

When you’re drinking water out the tap or drinking plastic bottled water, you’re trusting that the company has done their job when cleaning the water. When you have your own water filter in your own home, you know that you’re getting clean drinking water. This way don’t face the risk of being caught out from human error.

Bottles Recalled For E-Coli

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